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    Hey guys, does anyone know of a gunclub in Valdez? I have been shooting at the range (and cleaning it) when I can. I also have seen the trap/skeet range but it looks like it has not been used in years. If no current club, is there people on the forum here from Valdez that would be interested in either reviving a club or starting a new one.

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    The Valdez trap club used to be one of the most active in the state with several tournaments each year. The old trap range by the road was closed a few years ago when a subdivision was built directly behind it.

    A single trap was installed at the police range for temporary use and the city set aside funding to move the trap club to a new location. The club members couldn't seem to get their act together and the funding and effort on the city's behalf pretty much went away after the lack of interest shown by the trap club. I'm not sure who the last officers were in the club but you might be able to find out from Lisa Von Bargen in planning and zoning at 835-4313.

    There seems to be some interest in trap as the Rotary Club sponsored a small trap shoot during Gold Rush Days.

    I'm not certain but I think the old club operated under the name of the Valdez Sportsman's Association. They had a bunch of M1 Garands that they returned to CMP a few years ago. Good luck.

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    Default Gun Club????

    Thank you, I will check into this and see what I can find.


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