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    Default Scored a moose

    A buddy and I spent 10 days on a river hunt - had an oppurunity on a small bull the very first night but was hoping for something bigger and didn't want the hunt to end the first day. You know the rest of the story - was the only darn moose we saw for 9 more days - oops! We learned where NOT to hunt on that trip.

    I rallied and put together another hunt with another buddy. We hiked in 2 miles, stopped to take a break and glass, and spotted 6 moose in 5 minutes! What a nice change! One was a legal bull due it's 4th brow tine (was only 46" wide). A 230 yard shot and meat was on the table - wish it was that easy! It took 2 days to pack it out.
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    Default one more

    My pair of Tikkas...
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    Congrats! Good looking bull!
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    Default Nice

    Some moose is better than no moose. Actually you are to be congratulated. Thats a very nice trophy.

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    That's an awfully nice looking just being modest? Sure looks bigger. 2 mile pack out? You stopped to glassd at 2 you might have gone further??
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    Default good bull

    he's got some nice thick paddles, congrats!
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    Looks like you'll have a full freezer.

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    Default congrats

    That is a fine bull you harvested there. Your work hard and stay in the game attitude paid off. I did notice the paddles looked very thick as well. Do you have any other pics of the antlers? maybe from the side. You can never put too many pics on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martentrapper View Post
    That's an awfully nice looking just being modest?
    Beautiful rack! Looks thick and heavy for a 46". Good name for a dog, BTW...

    What did you do to the gun stock??

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    Default moose

    Thanks for the nice comments. We taped him once and came up with 46". Maybe I should tape him again in case he grew??!! Yes, we stopped at 2 miles, he went another .6 miles before we got a good clean shot. So we packed him .6 miles on our backs and 2 miles with a "cart" to haul the meat out. When it's the 4th quarter and 4th down ya gotta do what ya gotta do to fill a tag. I have already forgotten the "pain" but will enjoy the meat and rack on the wall for many moons.

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