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Thread: A mother of a hike

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    Default A mother of a hike

    Went in on the Resurrection trail looking for Caribou and Bear. Brought a pack horse to carry the gear. We left the parking lot in Hope Thursday at 8:00 Am. stayed the first night at the Fox creek cabin. Next morning went to Resurrection pass near American creek.

    We left lots of our gear at Fox Creek. It started to snow up high so we headed back to Fox creek. Got there at 5:30 PM to as we were on the porch going inside to get out of the pouring rain two rangers walked up and said you guys are in our cabin. Our gear was soaked so instead of heading to the empty cabin at East creek we headed for Caribou creek hoping the cabin was empty. It was not so we headed for the road we hit Hope at 10:45 pm. 11.5 miles in 5 hours leading a horse. Thank God for head lamps. 22 miles in one day and 33.5 in two. I'm tired.
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    Good on you for trying. I flew over that area last year looking for caribou. Finally found 'em about 12 miles up the trail, and then about 4 miles off the trail. I told a friend where they were and he tried to get there. Spent two days trying and turned back.


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