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Thread: Rebuilding Quadsport LT80's

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    Default Rebuilding Quadsport LT80's

    I purchased 2 non-running Suzuki LT80's this summer and I was curious if anyone had done any extensive work on one before and had any helpfull info? I am going to need quite a few parts since I need to get them both running. I am sure I could make one go by ripping parts from the other but I can't imagine my 4yo being happy not seeing his wheeler under the tree for christmas next to his brothers! If anyone has a good source for parts or knows where I can get another one for dirt cheap to canabalize I would appreciate it!

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    I have a 1983 LT50 that I have done quite a bit of work on (something happened and it needs more TLC now...). I bet you can get a service manual from

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