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Thread: Hilleberg Nammatj 3

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    Default Hilleberg Nammatj 3

    Has anyone used this tent for two people backpacking? Any thoughts?

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    Default Nammatj 2

    Own the Nammatj 2 and have used it in a variety of conditions. I like the tent and it's great for weight to space ratio. Negative is that it's hard to pitch taut, seems to change tautness a lot whether it's wet/dry or hot/cold, so you have to fiddle with the guywires a lot. Positive is that the workmanship is excellent and it's very storm-proof and warm. I've used it in Denali in late summer during heavy rains, and in the cascades during shoulder season in snow squalls. I'd buy another one, just beware that you will have to watch it to keep it from flapping in the wind. And the material is a bit noisy (albeit super-light!).


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