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Thread: Nome area report

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    Default Nome area report

    Well, a friend and I spent the 6-12th in and around Nome.

    We caught the tail end of the Silver run, more so than what we expected.

    Only one day was devoted entirely to fishing, the rest to a mix of fishing and exploring the area (by car, drove 800 or so miles over the week).

    The fishing aspect was great.

    Based on information from Bruce at Nome Outfitters, we started fishing the mouth of the Nome, at high tide (exactly as was also told to me on the forum by helpful folks).

    I landed a couple of nice silvers there.

    We then worked our way up to the Sinuk. Between us landed 15 or so more fish that day.

    Over the course of the week we landed 20 or so silvers each, most in the 7 pound range, with a few 12+. We each also ended up with one small pike and I caught one Dolly.

    We also spend time fishing the Blue Stone, Cripple, Solomon, and Fox rivers.

    Since this forum format is kind of a pain for uploading photos (no offense, I have the same problem with one of our Utah area off-roading forums) I will link here to a report I posted elsewhere.

    Does not have a lot of fishing photos, hope to add more when Keith sends ones he took my way.

    Loved the trip. Look forward to being able to return.

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    Default Nice!

    Looks like you had a good trip. Great Pics, someday I will go back there and hit the rivers hard. Glad to see you had a good time.

    Fish ON!

    Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.


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