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Thread: Idea's on scoped holster

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    Default Idea's on scoped holster

    I've got one of the Taurus Raging Bull in 454. It also has a compact scope. The only scoped holster I can find is that "thing" that cabela's sells. Looking for something a little higher quality. There used to be a leather shop here in Fbks. They retired and moved. Not just anybody can make a good leather holster.

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    Much as I love and prefer leather, I gotta say that you will regret it if you take a leather rig into serious wet. It's going to get wet right away and stay that way. Not pretty and not very satisfying, but I've got nylon for my hunting guns- scoped or not.

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    There are comments and recommendations on custom leather holsters at this current thread here on the forum. Haven't tried them, but the comments tell a lot.

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    You might try a Bagmeister. Pretty decent sandwiched cordura nylon construction. Fits across your chest. I have a 2x Leupold on a 7.5" Super Redhawk which the Bagmeister swallows, but this is not a quickdraw rig, is it? The straps can be removed and the scabbard can be strapped to a belt. I put an Uncle Mikes double speedloader pouch on mine and it is pretty comfortable.

    This is the first scoped handgun I've owned, and I'm a two-handed standup kind of double-action shooter, so I'm not really convinced about scoped handguns yet. I shoot about as good with iron sights as I do with the scope. From a rest, I'm sure scopes are superior; but, I'm not a rest-using handgun shooter.

    The Bagmeister is a pretty good prduct for somewhere around $50-$60.
    Mountainview Sports used to carry them, or a similar rig.

    Hope you find a good rig for your gun

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    Thanks for the input. I fiqured I would probably need to stay with a synthetic material.

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    Default David Johnston

    I second the vote for him. He fabricated a custom leather holster for my father in law's scoped Savage Stryker. His work is awesome. I think he does some synthetic material work as well.

    Highly recommended!

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