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Thread: Alison Point Lure of Choice

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    Default Alison Point Lure of Choice

    Headed down to Valdez Next weekend after the Labor Day rush, I was wondering what the lure of choice is for fishing Silvers off the point. Thanks.


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    Default Valdez Fishin

    My favorite lure when fish are concentrated is a number 5 Vibrax spinner in Pink or Red. I got into some fish a couple of weeks ago in a small cove and did really well : )

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    Talking Valdez

    well we just got back from Valdez, had a blast caught tons of fish! i tried every lure i had in my box and even the cheap ol walmart no name silver thingy was slaying em left and right. fished shallow fished deep fished early fished late didnt matter what we did we tore up the net we caught so many. i dont think youll have a problem!!! have fun!!!
    ps dont forget the rivers down there are full of silvers also, you dont have to be restricted to allison point to catch fish.


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