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Thread: 333-06 Barrel Length

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    I recently purchased a Mauser 338-06 with a barrel length of 24". If used as a brush rifle and I cut the barrel down to 21 or 22 inches what type of distance am I looking at. If I leave the 24 inch barrel what type of distance would I get.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks, Robert

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    I don't think the distance will change for you. A 338-06 is a fine hunting caliber and it will give up very little in velocity from 24" to 22". Maybe as much as 50 fps. That will equate to a fraction of an inch at 300 yards. If you like to take on game shots at beyond 300 yards, another caliber might be better but at normal hunting ranges of 50 to 300 yards or so it will all be up to you. Bullet shape (spitzer vs round nose) would likely show more of a difference in trajectory than the slight velocity difference. Or if you want to stretch the caliber out distance wise, switching to a 200 grain Accubond or 210 grain Scirocco bullet would flatten the trajectory quite a bit. Then you could use the 250 grain loads in the heavier cover.
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    Default 336-08

    Mr. Murphy--Thank you for the information. It appears then that cutting the barrel down to 22 inches will not really affect the round. I do have a larger weapon in 338 win mag for other situations

    This forum is really helpful for the in-experienced

    Thanks, Robert


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