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Thread: Deer and Elk hunting on Afognak and Kodiak

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    Question Deer and Elk hunting on Afognak and Kodiak

    Does anyone have information that will help us have a good hunt.
    Stories, directions, pictures, anything. Thanks

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    Default narrow your question

    Too broad of question, narrow it down to a paticular area and you will get some valuable feed back. It is like asking if some on has hunted moose in the interior!

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    Default Probably not much help

    I have a friend who hunted elk on Afognak. He is pretty rugged. He will not go back again. It is just too miserable for him.

    The south end of Kodiak has had less winter kill over the past 2 years than the north end - for what that is worth.

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    Default Elk hunting Raspberry Island

    Does anyone know about Elk hunting Raspberry Island? I have cow tag for late Oct-Nov.


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