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    I just got a custom holster made for my LAR Grizzly by David Johnston in Chugiak and am completely impressed and happy with it. I was having a really tough time finding a holster of any kind for this handgun since they are no longer being made, folks on the Swap N Sell setion of this forum in a roundabout way led me to get in touch with him and I wanted to let everyone know it was a good steer, he's a great guy and does outstanding work. I've owned shoulder holsters and standard strong side ones but this cross draw he made me is absolutely comfortable to wear all the time. It never seems to hang up on stuff, I can wear it sitting in the drivers seat of my boat for hours with no discomfort, and I'm convinced I'll now have my weapon on hand more often than before in case I should need it for anything.

    Interestingly enough, I just spent several hours searching for another holster for a different pistol around town. It started out to be fun as we most of us enjoy hanging out in these kind of places, however, after several hours and several stores into the search with no good luck and only finding a couple holsters that "sort of" fit, and all for 89 bucks, plus the super duty belt by a nationally recognized and respected company priced at 69 bucks, I thought I'd check back with David and see if he was interested in making more of a "stock" holster for me. He was and he promised me I'd have in within only a few days here. (the one for the LAR was done in less than a week) I was able to also order this one in a cross draw model exactly as I'v now come to like, and even though I never told him what the other ones I'd found were priced at, he came in at 5 dollars less, and his belt was 4 dollars less as well. I'd have saved time and frustration to just phone him up and drive out there in the first place... and gotten exactly what I wanted rather than settling for what could be found. I know where I'll be going for all my leather work "first" from now on! 688-0366 Thanks David!
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    David's stuff seems to be top-notch. I ordered a S&W 460V and a friend has one of David's Guides choice holsters for his S&W 500. He said he can wear that big ole X frame all day long in the guide's choice holster in complete comfort. I'll be picking one up for my 460 as soon as I get home.

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    And he is just a nice guy.
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    For any kind of leather holster needs, there is really no need to buy anything made outside of Alaska. Keep it local.

    Between David Johnston Leather, and Rob Leahy over at Simply Rugged in Wasilla they can pretty much make anything you would need or desire.

    I have used products from both and they are both top notch craftsmen. The best part is that their prices actually are better than nearly any quality generic brand of holster you can find in a store or order online and way cheaper than nearly any custom leather holster producer in the lower 48.

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    Ya, good point dirtpig. My friend and I bought Simply Rugged Pancake Holsters for our 4" Redhawks and thier perfect. I am shopping for a holster for a scoped SBH now but unfortunately Rob doesn't make one. I spoke with him. I have an email in to Dave at Diamond D and hope he can fix me up. I think I'd like a Guides Choice with a cut out for a scope. We'll see what he says.


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