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    Default KAD 44 Question

    I am eyeballin' a used boat. My little Osprey is getting even smaller. (Could be the kids are growing) It has a 1998 KAD 44 in it.400 hours. It is in a 27 Pilot house. I realize that this has higher HP and that power wouldn't really be an issue. But how reliable have these been? Does the new ultra low diesel effect them negitively even if I use additive? What could I expect for economy at a easy cruising speed? Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Kad 44

    Going off memory the KAD 44 is 260 hp they were an inline 6 that redlined about 3800rpm they are turbo charged and have a compressor. I have a friend that has one and it seems to be fine, it pushes a 27 X 9 6' aluminum at over 30 knots and I beleive he cruises a about 27 knts and 9-10 gph. My only comment is the older ones smoke a bit when they are cold. The new d series do not.
    I think you will like the diesel power.

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    I don't know much about the 44 series but i do know that almost every 42 series volvo that was installed in boats in Cordova blew up shortly, i think it was a bad piston design. Volvo ended up buying most of them back. Its just too much horsepower to be pumping out of that tiny block. Take a look at and you should find some answers to your questions.

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    I've got a 2004 SeaSport Voyager with twin KAD44's. I believe they made this engine from around 1997 to 2004. Generally, it seems to have a good reputation. Mine have certainly been good so far. They are quite a bit more expensive to maintain and repair than gas engines, though.

    As for power, in a 27' SeaSport Pilot, I suspect a KAD44 would be adequate, but probably wouldn't give you much extra margin. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a fella with a 27' Seasport Navigator with a KAD44. He said he tops out at a little less than 30 kts, and typically cruises around 23 kts.

    I'd definitely recommend you sea trial the boat before you buy it to make sure it's going to handle the way you want it to.


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