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    Default RM797 accessibility

    Since I couldn't find a bull to shoot this year I'm looking hard at the RM797 cow hunt. Can anyone give me any info on accessibility to this area between Jarvis Creek and the Gerstle River. Is it feasible on ATV's or would it be better on snow machines? When is there rideable snow in that area?

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    Default this is the map of the area.. looks like it COULD be a bit of difficulty. I am thinking of doing the same hunt if I am not successful next week. A friend drew the drawing permit so we will be down there regardless, but the drawing area is much more acessible than the registration hunt.

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    We were down there for from the 31st to the 9th and we looked and looked for a place to cross Jarvis creek. Now granted some guys were crossing it but they had more you know what than we did. But by the time this hunt kicks off one would think Jarvis would be a little lower than it was at the start of Sept. One fellow told us he crossed it in his Argo but one of his buddies crossed it well tried to cross it with his 4 wheeler they recovered the 4 wheeler down stream how far it went they didn't say. That was all we needed to know. Up by 12 mile crossing we know guys were crossing up there but that was a good 6-10 miles from where we were camped at. I have a 700 polaris and I was still a little weary about crossing it. We plan on being up there for the cow hunt as well and we are hoping the creek will be a lot more lower and a little more forgiving.

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    I would think that Jarvis Creek will probably fall off considerably by Oct. 12th. I might want to wait for snow, though. I would hate to get up there and get dumped on with snow. That could make getting back out on ATV's a little tricky.


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