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Thread: Professionally maintained, FINALLY!!!

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    It drove me crazy anytime something went wrong with my boat that I couldn't fix myself, I just figuered my season was over! All the boat yards are always booked and way behind, plus I hated leaving my boat sitting in there yard for weeks. Now I found the ultimate mechanic, Steve Pringle is "Mobile Marine", I worked with his wife and finally met him the other day. He has been doing work on my boat I can't do, I help him hold the light if he needs it and he checks stuff out that need attention that I miss. What an incredible niche biz he has, I got him lined out to do all kinds of stuff. He does everything from re-power to electrical stuff! I know we aren't suppose to advertise on the forum, but this is a super deal to have a pro come do you engine stuff in your yard or slip instead of hauling your boat to a shop for days. Big thanks to Steve for doing this stuff!!!

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    Smile Ok, kinda sounded like add...

    Ok, that last post sounded a bit like a commercial, but I got excited. He got my Floscan in on Saturday and found my starter relay and oil gauge needed attention. Also, outdrive is needing adjustment, all this stuff could have been serious if he hadn't caught all of it. How many other mechanics let you hang out and answer your questions while they work on your stuff in your yard? I'm getting my kicker and inboard winterized and oiled next.

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    Sounds more like a public service than an add. It's nice to know that he is out there as I'm sure alot of us have small jobs that we'd like to have done but don't want to be at the mercy of leaving the boat at a yard for an unknown length of time and for an unknown amount of $. Best yet it sounds like you learned about your boat in the process of having the work done, so you got your boat fixed and some training. You can't beat that!

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    Default Contact info for Steve?

    Got contact info for him?

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    Default I know him, Steve

    I can vouch for his work. He used to work with my at Alaska Performance RV and Marine. Two other guys started the company, they had Steve work on their boats all the time in the Private slips in Whittier and one guys boat in Seward. They hired Steven to do the labor. Pretty sweet gig for him and they are treating him right which looks good for the new company. I had a flier I just threw away the other with all the info, recieved in the for one.

    Sounds like they (he) will do it all. He is good at shrink wrapping too, he did my boat last year. The company just started working in August. But being ran by guys who own boats and had used Steven through the other employer and they now have a good company and thing going.

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    Default Mobile Marine Services

    727-1607 Steven Pringle

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    Default sweet!!!

    information at times can be a priceless thing. im always skeptical when taking my boat to the shop for anything. sounds like you had a good experience. as a new boat owner im gonna have to give him a call and let him have a look see. thank you so much for the info guys.


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