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Thread: 2000 yamaha MM 700 triple

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    Default 2000 yamaha MM 700 triple

    Anyone have a 2000 yamaha mm 700 triple?
    If so how do you like it how does it compare to other brands etc. am cosidering purchasing a used one with 2,000 miles. Any feedback pros and cons.

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    They sold a mess of the MM sleds for quite a few years. They can be had cheap and they have a good motor however the chassis is heavy. The Mountain Viper is the final integration of the chassis from what I understand. It is much lighter and really the only trailing arm Yammi that I would be interested in.
    The MM will get you places and is not a bad sled, but if I were you I would lean toward a Summit or even an early rev or AC snopro F7. I picked up a 04 Mountain Cat 800 EFI for 4K last year and it only had 250miles on it.
    I have no doubt that the MM will get you out and having fun, if it fits your budget then jump on it, but yes there are quite a few sleds that can be had reasonable and are widely considered to be better machines.

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    700 Mountain Max's came out in '97, I believe. They set the bar for the competition. In 2000 they went from 136 to 141 and lowered the angle of attack on the track out of the drivers. That kicked everything else's butt in the snow. For the next few years the competition worked to catch up. The Yamaha 700 triple is a great engine and is easy on gas. It has heated carbs, too, which were nice in the snow. The ride is excellent and the sled is durable. There's nothing to complain about with a 2000 MM 700. The rear suspension is coupled and makes some noise in the bumps but its normal. Get the couplers dialed to your taste and that skid works great. You can look forward to plenty of fun if the sled you're considering is in good shape and can be had for a good price. And yes, I had one. I sold it to a good friend and he still has it today. He's been through a couple of other machines since but won't let the MM go.

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    Default Mm700

    I don't know that I've ever seen a MM700 triple being sold w/ a new top end. (see tons of other machines that have needed rebuilds). As far as dependability goes I can't imagine
    any better. I have a 99 MM700 and it goes pretty much everywhere I aim it. Other sleds handle the deep powder better, and climb better, but for trail riding these are a blast, lots of torque (mine has a race can), and they smooth out the trails pretty well. I often wish it was lighter, sometimes wish it had a longer track, but overall for mostly trail riding w/ some powder and some climbing I have really enjoyed it.

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    Default thanks

    Thanks for the replies I went ahead and bought the sled now I just need some snow.

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    Default Good Choice

    I don't think you will be disappointed. My wife rides a 2000 MM 600 tripple 141 with Ohlins suspension. It is a great ride, easy to carve through the powder and climbs pretty well. The only disadvantage is that it is a bit hard starting due to the carbs, my other sleds are EFI.

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    I have heard that about the starting, what do you mean by hard starting? several pulls or worse? Sorry if dumb question but im pretty new to riding this will be my first machine. It starts with one pull now but its not 10 degrees outside either. The machine was very well maintained and is in great condition.

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    I own a '00 MM 600, owned a '01 MM 700 and own a '02 MM 700. Have loved, and love them all. I also had a '97 SX700 that I put 4k miles w/o problems that I loved until I moved into the mountain sleds. They are bullet-proof if you keep oil in them. They are a little bit heavier, if I wanted to lighten the load, I suppose I should shave 30lbs off my fat @ss. My '02 has over 8000 miles with NO re-build and I've run triple pipes on it since brand-new. I've had to re-build the primary clutch a couple times, but I attribute that to hard riding at 9100 revs at full tilt boogie. Just wish Yammi still made a h-perf 2 stroke. I sold an RX-1 Mtn last year. Great, powerful sled, but a little too much for the we like the reliability of the pull start at really cold temps. Have fun and pray for snow!!

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    Default starting

    I never had any trouble starting mine. When it's been sitting outside in real cold weather it takes some strong pulls to turn it over, but on average mine starts on 3-4 pulls when cold, 1st pull every time there after.

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    Default several pulls

    I have two of the 2000 MM 700's, so far everyone has summed them up correctly, heavy, 600 lbs, dependable, and a great all around machine. Last year at 10 below took about 50 pulls per machine to get them going.... when it's 20 or about about three pulls, and the first is to prime. Sounds like you've got a good one to have fun on.

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    Default Hard starting!

    That pretty much explains it.

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    thanks for all the input guys I really appreciate it. Cant wait to get it out in the snow.

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    The MM 700 REALLY wakes up with some simple modes that don't affect its reliability at all. SLP pipes wake that triple right up, and don't make it much noisier at all, and get it up to the 135hp range . If you don't mind a bit of extra noise, see if you can find some old Power Inc end dumps for it, or some Benders. Another good item for it would be an ATAC unit to automatically lean/rich it for different conditons;re-jetting the MM is a pain.
    I would also heartily recomend slapping on a 156" track and extrovert drivers if you add the pipes. The Yammi suspension shortens the track, so throw a 156" on there and you will be in the 151" range like the others. Really helps it float in the deep stuff. And ditch the stock skis for some Simmons. You will need to re-gear it if you add the track, but its easy to do. Those three mods will have that MM running with stock 800RMK's (vert edge) and stock Cat 800-900 1M's, with the added bonus of the bullet proof SXR 700 mill. With some patience, you should be able to get most of the stuff you need for these mods for under $2000 or so.
    Have fun!

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    Try this web site. Great bunch of folks. All about helping each other!

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    I have a 01 700 mm I had it piped and it rides like a rocket i havn't had real problems with it it keeps up and then some with my rmk 900 you'll love it


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