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Thread: wing shooting around anchorage

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    Default wing shooting around anchorage

    Does anyone have any recommendations as to where the best bird hunting is within +- 1 hour drive from Anchorage? I am fairly new to hunting in Alaska and don't know the hunting areas very well. I'm looking to do a bit of either ptarmigan or grouse hunting after my moose hunt next week. If anyone is interested in teaming up for a weekend warrior hunt please pm me. I go to UAA and there isn't really a whole lot of people that are in to this sort of thing there. If you mention hunting around those people you get a look like your some kind of barbaric savage. **** hippies.

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    Anyone? 1 to 2 hours from Anchorage? My new pup and 11yr old are anxious to bust some birds... But I haven't found a place to go... Thanks in advance!

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    Default hatchers Pass

    You might try Hatchers Pass, and areas off the Parks Highway north of Houston. I don't have any secret spot, but 2 years ago I hit them pretty hard and had good luck. I am not sure what this year holds.


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