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Thread: Kodiak bound the end of next week.

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    Default Kodiak bound the end of next week.

    Heading out the end of next week for a DIY deer bowhunt. Could anyone inform me as to what the average temps, highs and lows would be for the extreme south western tip of Kodiak the last week of sept. thru the first week of oct. Thanks

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    Default Kodiak

    I was down there 2 years ago in Oct. and it is typical Kodiak weather. Wind, Rain, and Windy Rain. We had two days of waking up to frost and a bit of snow and then it warmed from upper 20's in the morning to 55 and drizzle. We were up high at about 2000 ft and it seemed to be a bit cooler up there. We also had days that were close to mid 60's and sunshine. My advice is take it easy on the terrible weather days and hunt your ass off on the bad to good weather days. Bring your Helly Hansen Impertech. Good luck.


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