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    I picked up a 2005 Honda 500cc Fourtrax Rubicon a while back. Was running it in the yard over the weekend and hauling fire wood around. The cooling fan ran quite often. Is this typical for a liquid cooled machine? Most of my experience has been with air cooled 300s. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Great performing machine though, super strong and ran great in the rivers during sheep season.


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    Did the overheat light come on at all? Mine runs a lot but never has overheated but it's not liquid cooled either. One thing you might want to check is the radiator, make sure it's not clogged or it will cause your machine to get very warm. Silt from riding out at Jims Creek is a good example of what will clog your radiator. I ride with a friend that owns a Rubi and his was overheating we washed out the radiator fins and that cleared the problem.

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    Default Was watching for it

    Oil temp light never came on, I was looking for it every time I head the fan so thinking I was OK, just got concerned. Less confidence in the electrical / light than running the fan.

    Fluid levels seemed fine.


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    Default I'll clrea the radiator and see what that doesn

    Thanks good idea

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    Since you were hauling firewood around the yard I assume you were putting along pulling the load. At those low speeds not enough air is going to pass through your rad to keep the coolant cool, so the fan kicks on to compensate for the low speed. It sounds like nothing is out of the usual.

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    I agree with Water Gremlin when my Rubi is working hard at low speeds or just at low speed the fan kicks in a lot to compensate for the lack of air flow.

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    Yep sounds normal to me too. Think about stop and go traffic in your car, I bet the cooling fan would be on then too. No airflow equals no cooling.


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