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Thread: anybody been on the Denali Hwy

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    Default anybody been on the Denali Hwy

    Looking at going into the Butte creek trail and was wondering if anybody has been up that way on the Denali hwy, any trail condtions update that way. Thinking of heading up there for moose/grizz only have the last 5 days of the season, so was thinking of giving that a try. Thanks

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    Good luck there are hundreds of people scattered all over the highway, I went in on horses this past weekend near Clearwater, found some Caribou sheds, Caribou and cows but no bulls.

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    Drove it this weekend. Hundreds of hunters along the Hwy. I did manage getting a spike somewhere around mile 60. Had the Lord on my side to just be driving and glassing and be able to find a legal bull with so many hunters camped and hunting all along the roadway. Snow is starting to creep down the mountain sides, it won't be long before there is snow all the way down. I expect by early Oct there will be snow on the road in the higher elevations. Road is good right now, normal potholes and bumps, but not bad at all.

    Good Luck
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    I was in the Tangle Lake area... saw 2 bou and 11 cows... We didnt have a lot of presure but we were in the no motor zone... Roads were clear but as stated, the snow is coming...

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    I was up there last week in the non-motorized area. Lots of rain all week and water was high. Saw a few handfuls of 'bou, no bears. Lots of people as well.


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