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Thread: haul road caribou in October

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    Default haul road caribou in October

    Was hoping that some of you may be able to enlighten me as to the feasibility of of a caribou hunt on the haul road over Columbus day weekend. Don't even know if it is doable on a three day weekend. Just grasping at straws maybe but need to get out of town after a long summer of night shifts with no hunting or fishing. Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default definitely doable...

    I did it last year. Drove up 1 day, took the next day to hike the 5 miles in and shoot caribou, then pull him 5 miles back, then drove home the next day. You don't say where you are driving from, but I drove from Fairbanks. Also, you don't say if you're bowhunting or rifle hunting. I think a 3-day weekend might be stretching it for a bowhunt, but I'm sure it could still be done if you're lucky.

    Doing the 5 mile hike in, shoot caribou, hike 5 miles out in one day is very, very tough. It was definitely tougher than the DCUA walk-in sheep hunt that I went on this year, where we averaged roughly 10 miles per day. The footing up on the tundra and that looooong drag back is what gets you. If you took 2 people for each caribou, it wouldn't be quite so bad.

    Also, keep in mind that bull caribou will not taste very good if shot during Oct...

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    Default Correct

    Hoosier did you right and is correct. Not trying to get off post subject if meat is your intention and harvesting bulls I will second the thought the previous post stated and infact will tell you some places will not take the meat in to process if in fact the animals are rutting which is about your time frame give or take a week or two.

    Food For thought:

    If your bow hunting to accomplish the Hunt your time frame fits depending on the road conditions and weather. Lots of Bou sometimes close enough to put a decent stalk on.

    If you are hunting 5 miles in you might be over tasking your-self again depending on the weather and road conditions. Normal Oct. Weather up there is Winter.

    On a side not this area has become extremely popular in Oct and you might find lots of company however again if your intentions are to harvest a Bull you might want to think about the meat thing and consider your options.

    Best of Luck.

    Blue Moose

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    You will be up there with alot of people. I have been going up there in the late season to try and get away from people but it doesnt work. The walk will be hell and you will sweat, so watch for hypothermia. Also temps range anywhere from 10 to -20 everytime I go up, and there isnt much sunlight usually. So I would plan accordingly and I would suggest you stay closer to the road if this is your first trip. Good luck!


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