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Thread: was thinking of repowering before winter

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    Default was thinking of repowering before winter

    any advice on evinrude etec 75 or honda 90 f/s is appreciated. im torn between the two. i currently have a yami 75 f/s on a 17ft arima sea ranger. usually i carry one passenger, sometimes two when fishing. hows the fuel economy for these two motors? i think i have a 18 gallon main and i carry a 5 gal just in case. my cruising speed is about 26mph at 3500rpms. is this about normal? i think ive topped out at 32mph at 5500rpms. sometimes shes a bit slow to get up on step depending on the load. any help is appreciated...

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    If you already have a 75 f/s, you aren't going to be gaining much if any economy going to the 75 e-tec. It also doesn't sound like you are overloaded with only two people in the boat.

    While honda makes great engines, their 90 is by far the heaviest 90 on the market, about the same weight as most 115's. If I were looking for a 90 I'd opt for the Tohatsu tldi 90. I know several folks that run them and they report great mileage.

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    I also have a Yami 75 on a 17 foot boat, and I top out at about 31 MPH with the canopy up

    The Yami 75 and the Yami 90 weigh the same, in fact they have the same engine block only with different fuel systems and electronic controls.

    I've been thinking of finding somebody to convert mine to a 90, I've regretted not buying one in the first place.

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    Default evinrude all the way

    I have a E-tec 115 on my new boat and it is quite impresive. It is lighter than the honda and has a way better power band. It is a quiet moter as well.
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