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    I've got a line on an older Wenonah Fisherman (14 ' model)

    I think it's a killer deal for $150 including paddles and some vests

    I thought they were all made of Rolex or Kevlar but I think this one might even be made of fiberglass

    I looked at the Wenonah website but can't find any historical info about the older models

    Is this model OK for flowing water short of whitewater?

    Did they make older models of fiberglass?

    What kind of pack weight would I be looking at?

    Tracking vs efficiency vs stability?

    I know there are some real experts here which is why I'm looking for the help here

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Fisherman

    I have one in my rental fleet.
    It is a very nice canoe. Fiberglass construction and easy to repair. It was one of the Tough Weave series boats..
    I would like to buy that canoe if you don't get it....
    They are perfect for those that want to fish or hunt from them or have people that are not very stable in canoes.
    Then have no keel line so they do great on moving water.
    It will not be a great canoe for long distance paddling as it is short and squat, but it is a great little lake canoe.
    It weighs just under 70 lbs and has aluminum trim.
    If I have customers that want to do a lot of casting from the canoe, it is perfect, as you can move about a bit and its still stable.
    I have hunted ducks also from this canoe, and it will haul a moose.
    It is rated for around a thousand pounds.
    Really, If you don't want it, I am very interested.
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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