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Thread: Alaska State Snomobile Assoc.

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    Default Alaska State Snomobile Assoc.

    Hello all; I ordered a map form their website back in July and never received it?? I am sure it is an oversite. I have tried to contact several of their reps with no avail. Can some one ppoint me in the right direction. Help please!!

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    Go to the Anchorage Snowmobile Club website and send an email to the club president explaining your issue.

    Kevin Hite, the ASSA pres is an ASC member and friends with the ASC club pres. I second your thoughts about an oversite. Kevin's a stand up guy and probably busy with non-club business. (The ASSA is a part-time gig for him)

    BTW the ASC meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month from August to April. 7 pm at the IBEW hall on Denali St. Laminated trail maps of the major riding areas in south-central on sale every meeting. (Eureka, P-Ville, Mat-Su, Su-Yentna)

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    Smile Ak Sate Snowmobile Assoc.

    Thanks Erik,I e-mailed kevin and everything was taken care of . Good advice!!!


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