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    Okay, I checked in the archives but need some help. I have a '96 Yamahammer 400 Kodiak manual shift. I want to change to a good winter oil for plowing. My local Yamaha dealer insists that the only oil I use should be the $12.00 a quart super dooper synthetic oil with esters, even though the YamaLube 10W-40 has been doing fine. I don't want to use standard automotive oils because the friction modifiers they use these days can make a wet clutch slip. It isn't whether it is synthetic or not as I once thought. Another non-Yamaha dealer said I should only use Yamaha oil because it was formulated for the Yamaha motors but hey, how different can one 4 stroke single be from another if they both share tranny lubrication duties. Any suggestions?

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    12 years with Yamaha 10w-40 and you say it has worked fine. Why change???? My Yamaha is newer but the lowest weight in the owners book is 10w-30. I use 10w-40 all year and it works great for me.


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