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Thread: Ultra-Light FS???

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    Default Ultra-Light FS???

    Got a friend that is looking for an ultra-light that is for sale. If you have one or know of someone that is selling one let me know.

    Guess he is getting his private pilots license and now needs 200 hours for his next step (whatever that is, I don't know anything about it). Anyone know if ultra-light hours count towards that? He thought it would be a much cheaper way to get his hours than renting a normal plane.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Default UL

    The only way that ultralight time counts is if the plane has a tail number as an experimental, That being said the new sport pilot planes don't work either, it must have been n-numbered before the sport program and listed only as an experimental. That's how the FSDO explained it to me, I fly ultralight's and it's n-numbered as an experimental so i'm allowed to log that time as private.


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