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Thread: Glue For Inflatable Boat?

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    Default Glue For Inflatable Boat?

    I have a US Marine (I think made by Mercury?) inflatable boat that needs some maintenance/repair that requires glue.

    Is there a generic glue that will work with all fabrics? I don't know the type fabric that is used on this boat.

    Where in Anchorage can I locate the glue?


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    I would talk to Tracey at Alaska Raft & Kayak. That guy is a wizard when it comes to patching a raft. They are located on Tudor Rd, west of Home Depot/Lowes.

    Good luck with the repairs,

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    Two basic glue types are for the two basic fabric types (rubber or plastic). There are different rubber types (Hypalon & Neoprene are common), and different plastic types (PVC and Urethane are common). With experience you can feel the difference in fabric types. I would take the whole boat to Tracey, and if not have him repair it, at least have him tell you what the fabric type is. AK Raft is as good a place as any to buy repair materials.

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    Default Mercury Marine Boats

    Hi Mike,

    These guys have pretty much nailed it, but here are a few more details that might help--

    Mercury Marine makes boats out of either plastic (urethane / PVC) or rubber (Hypalon® / neoprene). As Jim and the others mentioned, rubber and plastic require different glues. Have a look at Mercury Marine's Website and you should be able to identify your particular model and what it is made of. This could help.

    As was mentioned, Tracey at Alaska Raft and Kayak can take care of it in one of two ways; either by repairing it for you, or by providing the tools and know-how. You can save yourself and Tracey a little time if you educate yourself on boat repair first. Tracey has written an excellent article for Fish Alaska Magazine, which details the entire process. The name of the article is "A Patch In Time". Check it out AT THIS LINK.

    For anyone needing a quick fix on small punctures and tears, you might try Tear Aid Tape. I keep it in my repair kit now, and it is amazing stuff. Anyone who has repaired an inflatable boat knows that for glued repairs, a crucial factor is moisture control and temperature control; two things that are very difficult to do in the cool fall weather in Alaska. With Tear-Aid tape, this is not an issue. Just get the area dry and perhaps hit it with a splash of alcohol or other appropriate solvent to clean it and get the surface slightly sticky, and apply the tape. It would be very nice if the folks at Tear-Aid would put some fibers in the tape for additional structural support, but as it is, Tear-Aid is just a very sticky urethane membrane. But it works on either rubber or plastic! It comes in Type A or Type B. Get the Type A; it works on anything. It is available online through Northwest River Supplies, or through Alaska Raft and Kayak (that's where I got mine).

    Hope it helps!

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    Thanks all. I'll have to load up the little boat for the next trip to the big city.

    The tubes hold air pretty well. The main problems are the way the oar locks, and rope-pull D-rings are glued to the tubes. And more importantly the way the keel/transom joint is glued.

    Took it outta storage after too many years to possibly loan to a pard to fly it into a refuge lake. Pard ain't using the boat, but though it'd be wise to get'R fixed while it's out of the bag and full of air.

    Thanks again.


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