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    I'm new here to alaska and already love it... but I miss a good ole fashion farmers market. Is there anything like that here???? if not anyone want to start one??? I do it all from homemade sausage to pickling quail eggs let me know thanks
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    Default Interior farmers market

    I think the farmers market in fairbanks is on Wed. and Sat. during the summer (over by the fairgrounds). Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. I am not sure if Anchorage has one or not.

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    Anchorage has three or four of them every week. They sell a fair amount of stuff at the Saturday and Sunday downtown markets, and there are also farmers markets at the Northway Mall and another in South Anchorage, though I'm not sure of the days of the week. The paper lists the markets on either Tuesday or Thursday in the Life section and again in the weekend section on Friday.

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    homer is saturday and wednesday for a couple more weeks
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