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Thread: Advice on collars

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    Default Advice on collars

    Getting a new pup and i'm new on pointers does anyone have some advice on a good all around beeper collar thats waterproof and such???
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    Default most major..

    ...brands are good. Collars are one of the things that you do get what you pay for, but midrange seems to work fine for me. I think that I paid 275 for mine and it has served me well.

    THE most important part about collars is how you use it. Read up on collar conditioning on the internet - do a google search and search this site and many other waterfowl sites - a good one is - those guys hunt hard with their dogs and have some very good advice.

    IMO you are better off without any collar if you don't know how to condition your dog to it.

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    Default what bull says and this too

    Call collar clinic, they also have a website great folks, and even hav reconditioned collars to sell with warrenties.

    I agree, I rescued a dog that someone had screwed up with a collar, and 5 years later she is till afraid of them. you MUST collar condition a dog!! Collar clinic will also send you a book about it if you buy from them.

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    Default Collar Clinic

    Great folks they have earned my business. Read everything you can get your hands on about collars and training. Most importantly, find what works for your dog, each have different attributes some soft, some hard ect... Had a great male that I could more out of him by putting him back in the kennel than through the collar, he would rather train than eat, being a spectator crushed him, he came back out humble and willing.
    just my 2 cents worth.


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