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Thread: Anyone having luck Deer Hunting in PWS,western side

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    Default Anyone having luck Deer Hunting in PWS,western side

    I have not headed out yet. I have heard of nothing being taken. No noise on here about anything. I heard reports this spring of someone finding lots of dead deer on the beaches somewhere. I seen two, but think they were maybe just carcuses left by hunters. Anyone having any luck?

    Sounds like the bears are still hanging low. Thinking of heading out at some point, would be nice to try for both. But might just hold out until after Oct. 1st and just go for deer.

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    Default Did a fair amount of hiking already....

    Spent some time on Knight and Green with no luck last two weekends. My 11yr old tagged his blackie last week while we were hunkered down waiting out the storm. We saw tons of deer sign and game trails on Green, but did not see a thing. Looks like the weather may be an issue this week. Will see what October brings, I have Port Chalmers reserved for the 1st week of Nov. Let us know how you do. Andy
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