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Thread: Defective .375 Ruger saga finally ends

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    Default Defective .375 Ruger saga finally ends

    Well, after 7 months of owning a defective rifle, sending it back 3 times, and dealing with Ruger's not-so-helpful customer service reps, the saga finally ended last night. I finally got a check in the mail for the full price I paid for it, sent directly from Ruger. So that is a relief.

    Now the hard part is deciding what gun (or guns) I want to buy instead. I may switch directions from the .375 and buy a lightweight sheep hunting rifle. Or maybe I'll stick with the .375 and buy a Remington or Browning. Ahhh, so many guns, so little money...

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    I just called Ruger's customer service dept. AGAIN, for an ongoing problem. They don't get in much of a hurry.

    Maybe you can find an old Interarms or Wintworth Mauseer in 375HH.
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    Default so

    what was the original problem? Why go for another one. I like mine and it is my only rifle. Newer one with the corrected stock problem and is the black finish on stainless model. Just love it. Just curious to what saga was with yours.

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    All my Rugers feed great and I really want the .375 This problem has me thinking against it though.

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    I used to be a die hard Ruger fan. I still think the old tang safety guns and those that followed shortly there after were the best mass produced production gun on the market. However as far as I'm concerned they can put their Hawkeyes where the sun don't shine! They are a generic version of the real 77's of yesteryear!

    The last one I bought as it came out of the box had the barrel positioned in the barrel channel so that the barrel was touching the stock for the full length on one side and there was a quarter inch gap on the other side. I pulled it out of the stock to see if something had it in a bind forcing the barrel to one side. Not the case....more a matter of some left handed louie @ the factory put it together at a quarter to five on a friday night and he had beer 30 on the mind or something of the sort. Its pretty sad too because Ruger never used to have the quality issues that are now cropping up.......Old Bill would turn over in his grave he saw some of the crap that was going on with his once reputable company!

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    My impression has been that the Hawkeyes are well built.

    Although I did look at two of the RCM's and they have the barrel band front site. On one of the guns the tang of the site was not even touching the barrel there was quite a gap. The other rifle the tang was nice and flush.

    There are a lot more parts on a rifle than the front site but I hope the important parts were put together with more care.
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    RMiller, I'll probally own another Hawkeye but it won't be a matter of ordering one or buying one sight unseen. It used to be that I would do that with a new Ruger 77 without hesitation but not anymore.

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