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Thread: Thanks for help on .300wsm 168 tsx!

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    Default Thanks for help on .300wsm 168 tsx!

    Thanks for the help guys. Got my dad to load up 25 168 tsx for the .300wsm. Took them out last night and at 100 yards, had 3 touching each other! It was shooting a bit to the right, so brought it over and took out the bullseye on the target. My tikka really loves the tsx!

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    Default data

    Hey Nort, would you mind posting (or pm'ing me) the load data for those 168tsx's??? Interested to see what you were using to push em.


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    I would like the info also if you wouldn't mine. I also have a Tikka T3 300WSM and would like to find a good 165/168 grain bullet load. Thanks


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