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Thread: Go-devil on a Grumman sport boat

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    Default Go-devil on a Grumman sport boat

    Has anyone ever tried this with a long shaft or a surface drive?
    If so how did work?
    What HP powerplant?

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    Default Long shaft

    it will be a top heavy, hard to turn in small streams, in large water or shallow water it will be good
    my 2 Cts.

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    Default Grumman sport boat /6 hp g.d. Long shaft

    We have one of these set up like great.we also installed floor boards,wood. This is a duck boat and not a transporter,slow. Runs great atop grassy water and is easy to hide profile. Steady enought for one man,dog ,gear.
    The weight of motor or boat make it easy to transport.

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    I had a 6 hp mud buddy on mine

    I worked well but the mud buddy is a lot lighter than a go devil

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    Default correction

    it was a "beavertail"


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