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Thread: Lakes/Streams for trout- Seward ; Or shore fishing for rockfish

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    Default Lakes/Streams for trout- Seward ; Or shore fishing for rockfish

    Looking for some information specifically on lake/stream fishing for trout and fishing for rockfish from shore. -I found a map with lakes on it but all of them seem to be about 6+ miles from Seward and the map does not show the city itself. Im looking for an area closer < within 1-5 miles > of town that could produce some nice trout or grayling for the open fire grill. (Thanks in advance)

    Secondly I'm looking for some advice on rockfishing spots accessable by bike out of Seward. Last time I fished directly to the left of the sealife center and caught quite a few fish but only had a few keepers to show for it; then moved to near the waterfall fishing off a work pier via permission and hooked into a bunch of tiny cod and some small rockfish... PM me for more specifics. Anyways back to the subject- I kinda wana have a little bit more for dinner this time and would GREATLY appreciate a spot to go for rockfish of any sort if the silvers give us a bust.

    Thanks alot again and tight lines

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    They stock first lake with grayling I think. Try walking out to caines head for rockfish
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    is first lake the one right behind the hospital?

    thanks alot akpm


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