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Thread: Flight Restrictions over VP Palin's home?

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    Default Flight Restrictions over VP Palin's home?

    I haven't seen anybody bring this up yet. But if she is elected, isn't there supposed to be a 5 mile flight restriction around her Wasilla home? Can you imagine what that would do to the aviators around Wasilla? They would have to close down Wasilla airport, also. Also, forget about landing or flying around Wasilla Lake or Lucille Lake. I hear they are starting to implement the same rules around McCains home in Arizona. The skydiving DZ is getting word from the FAA that they may need to close up shop. Anybody have any info on what may happen and how this may affect flight operations around the Valley?

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    There was a local news segment on TV this evening about the Coast Guard launching and stationing a hard-hulled Zodiac to cruise Lake Lucille, where her house is! There were plenty of photos of Secret Service hanging out around the house, too.

    Flight restrictions were mentioned in the segment, but I think they said that there were none yet. But I'm sure after the first idiot buzzes the house, the restrictions will start.

    It's going to be a circus!

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    Default TFR

    I just talked with Kenia FSS and they said no flight restrictions are in effect but they said they will probably go into effect in the near future.

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    Default all planes?

    Does that mean the MAYBE VP's Hubby would not be able to fly his plane?

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    Default Bigger picture

    Imagine what will happen when "they" work their bristol bay setnet permit next year. No other boats within a 5 mile perimiter and all those sockeye to themselves! Secret service and active military manning boats all around them! LOL Can't wait for the media to cover that circus.


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