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Thread: Can a 10mm 1911 frame be fitted with new uppers?

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    Default Can a 10mm 1911 frame be fitted with new uppers?

    I am looking into purchasing or building my own 10mm 1911 from one of the Fusion kits. I know the framse for the 10mm are supposed to be significantly stronger due to the high pressures that the 10mm creates. So I was curious if I buy a 10mm 1911 can they be retrofitted with .45 ACP or the .460 Rowland for example?

    Are the mags interchangeable?

    Almost like an AR it would be kinda cool to build a new upper like the .45 acp or buy the .460 kit and toss it on for a day of shooting. Eventually ill probably build seperate lowers for make complete guns but my main focus is the 10mm since I have a M&P 45.

    Anybody have experience with the 10mm by chance?

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    Well I am not an expert but can offer a few thoughts. I believe all current 1911 frames are about the same as far as strength. Older ones can be significantly weaker. Changing out the slide can also require changing the ejector on the frame for differient cartridges. Changing between 45ACP and 460 Rowland is a simple barrel/spring change. The 460 has a longer barrel with built in comp that must be used. Brass is also rather expensive. 10mm is a great cartridge that can be loaded over a wide range. I have read that people have interchanged the mags but have not personally tried it. I am planning on giving it a try though since 45 mags are more availble. The best place to get an accurate answer for this is one of the 1911 forums. Here are some links that may help.
    If you have an interest in the 10mm doubletap ammo has some really great loads that though safe push the edge of the envelope. Hope that helps.

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    Since the .45 is a bit fatter that the 10mm, you'll probably have to tweek the feed lips on the mag to hold the smaller cartridge. I have one .45 mag that I've use with no problems in my 10mm, but mags made for the 10 are easy enough to come by.
    They also use the same size frame, so any quality frame should handle the 10mm just fine.


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