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    hello to my fellow reloaders im trying to cook up a recipe for a elk load. i hear a lot of discuraging comments about the accuracy of theese barnes bullets. im trying imr 7828 & just basicly getting srarted i thought i would get on this forum & see if some one who has had experiance with theese might share there wisdom & point this old hillbilly in the right direction keep the wind in your face ROB

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    Barnes' new TSX bullets are probably the most forgiving bullets I've ever used. With my 300 ultra it was'nt a matter of finding the most accurate load because they all grouped good, it was finding the best velocity and pressure combo.

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    I'm shooting the new tipped X in my 300 SAUM. I've got a 180 grain going about 2950 and the best groups I've ever shot in my life. I've shot 3 and 4 shot groups with this particular load under half an inch on several different days. I had almost the same luck with the TSX in the same gun. I don't think you can beat the TTSX or TSX for a hunting bullet, unless you can't get it to group.

    One thing I did with the new TTSX that has made a big difference is loading them closer to factory length. This particular gun has always liked bullets 35 thousands off the lands. Every time I try a new bullet or powder the bullets were always seated at this depth. A friend of mine has a 300 WSM he was having fits with. He tried everything and spent hundreds in bullets and loading. He sent the gun back to the manufacture and even sent the gun back to where he had it rebarreled. After a couple years and many headaches he tried a factory load and wala, three shot clover leaf. Now the poor guy is rethinking his hand loading. Point is I found this interesting and tried moving the bullets in around factory length with my gun. Instantly the best groups Iíve ever shot.

    Phil in Anchorage


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