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Thread: Skilak Lake Rocks

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    Default Skilak Lake Rocks

    I have just recently purchased a new 22' North River Seahawk and since the forecast looks bad for the Salt this weekend I was thinking of taking the family on a day cruise around skilak lake. Does Skilak have many hazardous rocks above/below the water that I really need to watch out for? I have heard to stay away from the mouth of the river... but not sure what to expect around the rest of the lake - close to the shores. Thanks in advance.

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    Stay well off shore between the two launches. Be carefull in King Co. bay around Round Island, some rocks in there. There is a big gravel bar between Fry pan Is. and the west shore. Have a great trip.

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    PM'd ya.

    I'd also stay out from between the small islands on the north shore between the Upper Kenai and the Upper Skilak launch. I cut between them at about 5 mph in my cataraft and see big rocks near the surface.

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    Watch the weather there also, it can be as dangerous on that lake as the ocean! Not to be a negative nelly, but many people have died on it because they don't respect it being only a lake. The edges can be shallow and the waves huge! I have been on it in its full fury and it can be unbelievable! I totally love Skilak, started going there when I was a kid with my folks, wish I could get away to it now. Have fun and be safe.

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    Default Skilak

    Spent a couple days last week at the cabin at Dorshkin Bay. Reading the cabin log
    wethered in is common. Read about a 28' Set net skiff that was weathered in and est.
    10' waves and bailing all the way to the cabin. It blew pretty constant while we were there
    gusting to 25 MPH but mild weather. Sure is a pretty lake but you have to respect it.


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