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Thread: looking for knowledge and experience

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    Default looking for knowledge and experience

    My name is joshua I am 24 and a novice waterfowl hunter. I grew up in Missouri and came up here with the army did my tour in Iraq got out and decided to stay. So most of my AK hunting adventures are new to me and done with what knowledge i have gathered from reading, or talking to ppl. Most of my army buddies are gone, so I do a majority of my hunting and fishing alone. I am always looking for someone to go with. I would appreciate any advice or help I can get, or if there is another lone hunter out there willing to share knowledge or just try to figure it out with me I figure two heads are always better than one. It also makes for a better trip to have a hunting partner than be alone out there talking to myself. If anyone is interested feel free to leave me a message. Safe and happy hunting to all!!!!

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    Default Solo Hunting

    Solo hunting, especially for waterfowl ain't so bad, but ya have to be safe
    and file a flight plan with someone.
    1) go where the ducks are - this is fundamental, and absolute rule #1.
    You can see great habitat, but it ain't great if there are no birds. Scout and
    ask questions like in this forum. Most hunters will give you some help,
    but they won't give away the best places.
    2) hide well and don't move at all if there is a chance they can see you. Even when jump shooting, be prepared to freeze when birds are in the air. Waterfowl survive by spotting movement.
    3) Dress well and take survival gear. Pack some extra of whatever you may need.
    4) If boating, have all the safety gear, tools, and two of everything possible.
    5) Consider getting a dog if your situation allows it. I'm partial to Labs.
    6) decoys are an art and science - grad school. Don't buy any until you learn a lot about them.
    7) Be courteous when you hunt. Don't crowd or approach other hunters.
    It will ruin the hunt for both of you, even if they are where the ducks are.
    8) leave nothing behind. Your litter or shot shells will tell other hunters that this may be a good spot.

    I live too far away to ever go with you, but like all loves, you'll find someone or a way to do it.

    Good luck, and it will be fun to learn. Cheers.


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