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    I went out with a friend to Jim lake. We did not last long on the lake the wind was so bad it was white capping. We had to walk around 1/4 of the with the canoe. We did get one bird.
    We went to mud lake and did great considering how bad the wind was blowing. we ended up with 9 birds. Two mallards, Three Gadwall,Teal, and the rest were wigeons.
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    Back in my canoe days, I hit Jim Lake a week after a huge wind storm. It was one of those storms that tore up some buildings on the Palmer-Wassila Hwy. No birds in the area.

    I traveled around the western edge (down wind end) and noticed the huge piles of weeds on the shore. They were about 2 feet thick and tossed 6 to 8 feet back into the alders. Millions of snail shells cruching under foot as I explored some junk back in the trees.

    Jim Lake being between the mountian and the trees along the slough gets a lot of wind effect compared to the other swamps. There have been days when I cross the Knik Bridge and get blown sideways and the swamps are pretty calm, but you can look south to the river and watch the dust blow out to the Flats.


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