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Thread: Now is the time to fish lakes for trout

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    Default Now is the time to fish lakes for trout

    The fall time of year is a great time to fish for trout. The fish are hungry and easier to catch IMO than most of the rest of the year.

    I like to use rapalas and flatfish. Bait also is good, worms work well.

    As soon as this wind lets up a bit would be a good time to start.

    I know most guys are out hunting now but the trout fishing should be good enough to leave no excuse for spending the weekend in the sofa just cause you are fed up with chasing bullwinkle.

    I wont be getting out much due to recovering from back surgery but I thought I would let guys know that if they thought the lakes looked good for fishing they are right.
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    We always try big lake and fishing up against the shore with minnows, small vibraxes, etc just never seems to produce... dont know whatsup with BL


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