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Thread: Got to love Alaska, Grizzly and Caribou

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    Talking Got to love Alaska, Grizzly and Caribou

    I just returned from my hunting trip to Alaska. The weather on the brooks range was great. It was unseasonably warm slowing game movement during the heat of the day but it was beautiful. The first couple of days were a little slow, but on the third day I killed my Caribou. He had a little ground shrinkage but was still good enough, heck there's always next year right? Grizzly bear was the animal I had came to this area to hunt anyway. We had saw one huge bear track down on the river but it was a few days old, after a little foot work up river we found an area the big bear had been fishing heavily. We continued up river to a point I could no longer see the big track fresh any more. We turned around heading back to a point that I had thought would be a good spot to hopefully see him where he had been spending the most time on the river. It was about 7:30 pm. when we got to the point and sat down. We hadn't been setting there five minutes when this old bear came around the corner about one hundred yards away. A good double lung shot, then one in the neck and it was all over. The bear was so old he doesn't hardly have any teeth, he was also to thin for this time of year and I don't believe he would have lived through the winter. The game warden tagged him and measured his skull when we got back to Kotzebou, and it measured 25 1/2". This was one of the most memorable hunts of my life, and I'm sure Alaska will see me again next year. You can view a few pictures inside my profile under Albums if you'd like. Thank you to all those who helped me prepare for this hunt on this site, you know who you are.
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    Wow, what a bear for up north! The caribou ain't shabby either. Congrats on a successful hunt!

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    Congratulations! That's a great bear and a fine caribou, but even better memories for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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    BEAUTIFUL job and congrats!

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    make sure you get that skull measured after the 60 day dry time.. he's a good one to qualify for the all time book.. as a Griz.. he's big.

    great job
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