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Thread: 1st time Caribou Hunter-advice needed

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    Default 1st time Caribou Hunter-advice needed

    Traveling to Kodiak Island the end of Oct through 1st week in November to go Caribou Hunting. Looking for any advice anyone might have regarding any topic will be helpful. Will be shooting a 300 WinMag. Thanks

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    Default kodiak

    are you shure there are caribou on kodiak island? ive never heard of that - might try deer hunting.

    good luck

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    yeah there is a small herd on Kodiak. hard part is finding them like the Adak Bou they roam the island unlike Adak they get chased by things that try to eat them. last time i saw them in the fall was about 92 they were in very small groups . spread all over one side of the island.. ( we were comer. fishing then) my suggestion would be to hire a boat to drop you off. a day or two AHEAD of the bou... they tend to graze at about 8 miles an hour.. faster when the bears are moving. sit and wiat them out... Good luck
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    Default Kodiak?

    If I were to hunt bou (which I do ever year) I wouldn't go to Kodiak... lots of tough country with relatively few animals.....


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    I think they are the remnants of a reindeer herd that went wild and are now caribou again. Caribou are sensitive to movement, especially if there are a lot of bears and wolves around. They also have good noses. They travel mostly into the wind and follow each other cross country. Don't try to catch them, you can't. Just try to position yourself in front or try and cut them off. When they bed down you may be able to stalk them but a group usually faces in different directions so they are hard to approach but it can be done. If they are past you, you usually cannot keep up. They are not hard to kill given correct bullet placement.


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