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Thread: Tuesday's Report

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    Default Tuesday's Report

    I figured today was going to be good/great based on the strong south wind and light rain. Unfortunately the ducks didn't get the memo. We scratched out 2 greenwings and that's it. Very few birds flying over the area we were in and even fewer within range. First time all season we had company. 2 guys beat us into the marsh but selected a different pond a few hundred yards away from the the one I've been shooting all season. Seemed they got a little more shooting than we did. Hmmmmm...maybe next time. My partners and I have taken 50 birds so far from this area. Maybe that's the problem. W need some fresh birds.

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    Thanks for the report, I have heard a few of the same observations, we do need some new birds, we need some cold weather out west to start moving them.


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