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Thread: Scope rails and mounts

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    Default Scope rails and mounts

    Hi all, I recently got myself a new 30-06 which came with Nikko Sterling rails and mounts and I had nothing but trouble with them. I've got the same set-up on another rifle of mine and they work just fine, and while I've fixed plenty of scopes to rifles in the past, I've never had one fall off the gun while at the range - and this happened to me twice on two separate visits!

    Hardly ideal, and since I totally lost confidence in them after that I replaced them with Leopold as I also have a leopold 6x42 for tis rifle.

    This is the first time I've used leopold rails and mounts and am delighted to report that they were a doddle to fit and since I've had them on the rifle now for nearly 2 months and shot over a hundred rounds through it, I'm pleased to reort that it's stable, secure and that I'm very happy with them!

    Hope this helps!



    ps. I'm thinking of adding a scope to my .375H7H and want some quick-release mounts - can anyone here recommend any?


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    Default Mounts

    I have Leupold Quick Release mounts on my 375 Weatherby (it's my dangerous game rifle).

    They are excellent - never loosened and return to same point of impact.

    IMO you can't get better "bang for your buck" than with leupold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil View Post
    IMO you can't get better "bang for your buck" than with leupold.
    Mirror's my thoughts, thanks for the endorsement, much appreciated!


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