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Thread: what is the going price for a 99 70 horse?

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    Default what is the going price for a 99 70 horse?

    Im looking at this 99 evinrude 2 stroke 70 horse with a jet, it has controlls and 15-20 hours run time. I have no idea what to offer, and the net is not turning up anything.

    Also it has a dry weight of 250 lbs, I wonder if that is too much for my 17 foot gregor? Its rated for a 80 jet, but that seems like a lot of weght back there.

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    I sold one this summer ('92 model I think...) with a jet/controls/lower prop unit for $1,000 to the first guy that looked at it. I guess I should have asked more! It had several hundred hours on it as well.

    Hope that gives you some idea.

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