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    I am looking for a good camera case that is freindly to hiking. I've got a 5D that I hate to leave exposed to the elements while in route to the next great photographic oportunity. Sometimes that oportunity comes up unexpectedly and I need to get to the camera out quickly and quietly so keeping it in the backpack is unacceptible. Any suggestions?

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    If you are not carrying another backpack, a Lowepro Slingshot 100 or 200 works well. It's a single strap pack that rotates forward to get relatively quick access. It also has a rain cover that pulls out for wet weather coverage. The 200 will carry the 5D with a fairly large lens attached (24-105 or 70-200 f/4L from what I've heard) and has room for several other lenses as well. The 100 is smaller, and the 300 is larger.

    If you want to use a shoulder bag along with a backpack I prefer a holster bag if it's just a "camera with one lens" solution you're looking for. Again, Lowepro has built in rain covers for some of theirs.

    BTW, Costco is selling the Slingshot 200 for $70, and Sams Club is selling a slightly improved knock off for $50. They're normally $100.


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