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    Default Fuel burn systems

    I apologize in advance because I know this has been on here before. I have searched for quite awhile and can't find any of the posts so here goes. I bought a 22' seasport with a 305 fuel injected volvo and would like to figure out my rate of fuel burn. If anybody could tell me where to get a meter and which ones work the best I would much rather install one of these.
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    Floscans seem to be the most highly rated (and expensive) fuel flow meters. If you go to their web site you can input your engine info and it will tell you the appropriate meter. My guess is the Floscan meter for your boat will run you around $500-$600. If that's more than you want to spend, you might want to take a look at Lowrance.

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    Yeah, Floscan is the most popular method of tracking fuel consumption. Another neat way I've seen it done on fuel injected inboards is to buy a diagnostic computer (little handheld scan tool or even one that mounts in the dash), connect that to the diagnostic port on the engine and you not only can see real-time fuel consumption but all other electrical engine perameters plus trouble codes - dandy!

    Last engine I saw this on was a Marine Power Chevy 454 in 2005. The diagnosic tool was about $400 so same or less money than Floscan. Not sure what year your engine is, but Volvo has made a few different models scan tools over the years.

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    I've got a Lowrance LMF-400 that when I bought it was around $200 with the engine interface. It communicates with my suzuki DF 140 and fuel burn via the computer is spot on with when I fill up. You can get the unit with a fuel flow meter for engines that it won't communicate with the fuel injection computer or don't have one.

    It's a neat unit, you can configure multiple screans and use it as a tach, monitor temps, engine hour, and best of all an accurate fuel gauge based on fuel burn.

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    Default Navman / Northstar

    When I was running a gas engine a few years ago I got a Navman (now northstar I think) fuel flowmeter for about $150 bucks. It was easy to install ,just put inline with the fuel line. I got it from marine electronics unlimited. The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure it is filtered before the fuel flow sender.



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