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Thread: Almost time to go, YEEEHAW!

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    Smile Almost time to go, YEEEHAW!

    I can smell the camp fire, coffee and bacon. There will be the wall tent and the tracks of moose, caribou, grizzly and wolf. We will hunt the timber trails and meadows early in the morning and late at night for moose. During the day and some evenings we will be in the big open river drainage looking for caribou, moose and grizzly. The moose caribou and grizzly can cross the big drainage at any time. We have had good success in this spot. Except for the grizzly bear. After 6 encounters we are 0 for 6. They have beaten us soundly and made it clear they are smarter. But, it is only a matter of time, someday one of those beautiful Silvertip grizzlies will grace our walls. He will also provide a lasting memory. I am glad it is not over yet. It is this preparation, planning and anticipation that creates the excitement and the almost indescribable feeling of knowing you are soon going to be in a place that is wild, beautiful, peaceful and full of promise. The time there will go quickly, it is different then city time. Do to 2 knee surgeries and a cracked wrist my wife is staying home. This year it is the son-in-law and I. He is great company. I am a blessed man to have family to do this with.

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    Sounds like a great time. Enjoy your hunt and best of luck!


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