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Thread: Homer Friday/Saturday Whittier

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    Homer Friday -- Outer Bay area Pogi -Anchor Point fog white out to the water level, but water flat, pleasant and good flat fish fishing -- a real nice day on the water. A couple large sea gulls were swimming right up to the boat, enjoying and observing our boating/halibut fun --- never too excited, not flying away, but within arms reach --- our own private cheering glee club.

    Inner/Upper bay area clear, flat and beautiful. A few tanners in the pot, finished them off tonight with the family.

    Saturday Whittier -- As the day wore on it became colder, rainy and plenty of wind. Silvers are around but the water is definitely stirred up and the pickings are slim. The exodus started early, the whole town seemed to be packing it in this weekend --- stacked in the tunnel parking lot and back down the road.

    Storm warnings, so last Whittier weekend ended early for many boaters.

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    Thanks for the report
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