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Thread: Remington (597) Road Runner

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    Hey guys any thoughts?? Ruger has the Charger (which the wife wants) how about taking the Remington 597 putting a similar grip and 10" barrel on it for the Road Runner? Anyone know what it would cost to have a 10" barrell made for it?

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    believe that you would then have a short barreled rifle subject to the NFA tax and registration requirements

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    You'd be converting a weapon originally manufactured as a rifle into a handgun. Can be done, but by the time you got the paperwork to start the process, you could find, buy, and sight in the Ruger. By the way, it's not a job you want to press on with while waiting for approval! Unauthorized/illegal NFA weapons still are not looked well upon by the Agents, or the Courts.

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    Default Remington (597) Road Runner

    FYI, just wanted to let everyone know that this is not a project I was/am starting but just asking a question about the possibility of it.


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